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Summer Newsletter 2023

The next social meeting: - 12th June, ‘Victoria’ - Lower Rushall St. Walsall. 7.30pm for social and raffle, maybe a quiz too if there’s time.  Plenty of beers available! The July social will be held in the ‘Pretty Bricks’ on 10th July, in the upstairs room.

Halifax trip: Saturday 29th July - £16 a head – luxury coach- raffle on board- up to 5 hours in Halifax. An industrial town renowned for its cloth trade, the ‘Piece Hall’ (where they sold ‘pieces’ or lengths of cloth) is a listed building well worth visiting. Map supplied. Places available.

Many people have asked about another visit to Liverpool, and we are working on that with perhaps a combined visit to Big Bog Brewery again.

Gastric Stimulation - …. “In some instance this may be considered the be all and end all of wine drinking, namely the stimulation of the gastric juices. Quite apart from its health giving natural properties, wine is a superlative aid to digestion. The appetite is whetted by the smell and taste of a refreshingly youthful white wine, and by the tingling dryness, the acidity and even the slight bitterness of many reds. The nerves of taste and smell are stimulated, which in turn, increase the activity of the salivary glands. Also, through a reflex nervous action, the wine markedly increases the amount of digestive juice secreted in the walls of the stomach; it flows more rapidly, and the movements of the stomach are speeded up. This stimulation of the muscular wall of the stomach extends to that of the bowel, greatly aiding the digestion of the accompanying food”.
Extract from ‘The
Complete Winetaster’ - by Michael Broadbent.

The authorities know that schnapps and beer are produced at Germany’s highest brewery ‘2244’ at the mountain station of the ‘Karwendelbahn’ despite a building ban. Inspectors do not know what exactly happens at an altitude of 2,244m as they have trouble getting to the top. The distillery started in 2021 but permission was not granted for a brewery to be added. It was and 2500L was sold in its inaugural week before last Christmas. Building inspectors have not been allowed into the gondolas of the Karwendelbahn and are reluctant to take a walk to the top!

The pub crawl is no more; as according to CAMRA, drinkers should avoid saying “pub crawl” and “happy hour” if they want to be inclusive. Members are urged to have a ‘pub tour’ where they will ‘savour a pint’. Phrases such as “join the lads for a few after work” comes under fire as off putting to women. Its website urged members to ‘avoid lad culture overtones which can be alienating to many’.  Unsurprisingly, not everybody was in favour of the changes, and due to this and similar political correctness, members are leaving in their droves. The Holly Bush in Makeney, Derbyshire was left out of the 2023 Good Beer Guide after 36 appearances out of the last 42 editions because the CAMRA surveyors found the pub ‘too busy and were not able to get served straight away’. The sale of food and the presence of children was also mentioned; this in a 17th-C. Grade II listed  pub where the 2020 guide said it was recognised as having a ‘Nationally important interior’, and Dick Turpin was supposed to have stopped there  -  but he didn’t stay as he could not get served!.

Summer 2023 continued …