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Summer Newsletter 2020

The next two social meetings have been cancelled due to Coronavirus restrictions:

‘The Wheatsheaf ‘Walsall. 8th June   -  cancelled

‘The Pretty Bricks’ Walsall, 13th July  -  cancelled

That leaves us with the Wheatsheaf Bloxwich, as the next meeting on the 10th August, and hopefully we should be back to normal by then although expect the social distancing to still be with us, so 15 people will fill the pub and we may have to conduct the quiz outside ! By August this hot weather will be naught but a distant memory and it will be pouring with rain probably.

Talking of ‘probably’, Carlsberg have bought a 60% share of Marstons, which despite cooing noises of “no plans to change things”, things have got to change. This is what I expect to happen;  ‘Pedigree’ to become promoted to a global brand like ‘Doombar’, mass produced at Banks’s, and the Burton Union rooms at Marstons converted into the ‘Carlsberg Museum’ where a token brew will be on show for the mugs who will have to pay 15 quid for a quick look round and 2 halves. The small breweries will be closed down or sold off to pay for this ‘restructuring’ and the Marstons shareholders will trouser a substantial dividend on top of the kings-ransom bribe they already have in the bank (courtesy of the big C) As I am a member of the CAMRA Members Investment Club, and they hold 2.1 million Marstons shares, I should be ecstatic but I’m not because I would rather drink a pint of Hobgoblin Gold, or Cock a Hoop, or Sunbeam or even Fortyniner at a push, than some insipid ‘image’ beer. Will all the prices go up? Probably.

As far as trips go, we can’t organise anything yet while the social distancing rules are in place (however abused they are by some – you know who you are Dominic) but we shall ‘Stay Alert’ to the fact that you need to get out somewhere this year, or go mad. I think the days of a £16 ticket are over though, as we will need to drastically cut the number of passengers allowed on board, and there is the venue to consider as well – will a brewery be able to accept a coachload of people?

Black Square’ does well in Russia: the St Austell Brewery in collaboration with New Riga Brewery (Moscow) has 5000 bottles of Black Square Imperial Russian Stout 10.5%, brewed                            in 2018 and matured in bourbon casks for a year, for release. Available at                           £48 per dozen bottles, most of it will go to Russia (Oh you lucky Ivan)

Summer 2020 continued …