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… 1986. Marston’s bought it for £19.2m in 2007, but after the formation of Carlsberg Marstons in 2020 we have seen the closure of Jennings and the sale of Eagle operation in Bedford, as well as the London Fields micro. Is there any hope for Wychwood?

New brewery for Black Isle: a new brewery, visitor centre and tap room, could be built in Inverness as the Black Isle Brewery seeks to significantly increase its presence with a new plant on a five acre site at the Eastfield Way Retail Park. Brewing started in 1998 on the Black Isle north of Inverness. The company has B Corp status and all beers are organic.

According to SIBA there are now 1826 breweries, up 2% in the 3 months before June.

AJ’s Brewery: Andy is planning a celebration day for his 9th brewing anniversary called ‘Nine Beers for nine Years’ – to be held at the brewery tap on Saturday 30th September. As well as the 9 beers,  bottles (SPA and IPA) and minikegs (Stuck on Blondes and SPA) are available to takeaway, by previous arrangement.   Andy Jukes – 07860 585 911

Beowulf Brewery: Joe says that there is nothing special on the horizon except the fact that he is selling at the Sutton Coldfield Farmers markets in October and November.  Bottles can be obtained on a call & collect system - Joe Dash –  01543 454 067

Backyard Brewery (52 Degrees): since the Brownhills brewery has been closed, production of beers must now either be at Leamington Spa or Warwickshire, so I don’t propose to cover them anymore. Local publicans are being asked for cash on delivery and a minimum spend of 3 casks. (cheek !)

Diary dates:  AJ’s Open Day – Saturday 30th Sept (9-Year anniversary);  Shrewsbury Beer Festival  27-30th September; Cannock Beer Festival 14-16 Sept; Dudley Beer Festival, 23-25 Nov.

Membership Renewals: All memberships will need to be renewed in the New Year (early warning).

On a personal note, Thank you for all the supportive emails and texts; they were greatly appreciated at a grim time for me. Since having the operation to remove a malignant tumour, I have been given the good news that it was caught really early and has not spread to other parts, so I don’t need chemotherapy. Someone up there must like me !

And finally: Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd break into a distillery. Daffy says “is thith whithssky ?”    Elmer replies “ Yes, but not as wisky as wobbing a bank – huhuhuhuhu!”

Stay safe and healthy!


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