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Timothy Taylor is now selling its dark beer ‘Ram Tam’ 4.3% under the name ‘Landlord Dark’. It is brewed exactly like ‘Landlord’   but with the addition of caramelised sugars. Dave would probably like this! Meanwhile in Canada, after a year of legalised cannabis, beer sales have dropped by 3%. When I wonder, will some enterprising sod try to produce a cannabis beer with the advertising slogan “One for the Pot”.

I have been told that our friend Paul Jeffries at Big Bog Brewery, Liverpool, has been robbed by thieves who broke in and used the fork lift to create havoc and remove the safe. Fortunately it only contained change for the till, but the repair bill will cost a fortune. I have sent an email to Paul with our commiserations and best wishes for the future.

Another cause for concern, the ‘Black Eagle’ in Factory Rd. Hockley, is scheduled to be converted into flats. Birmingham CAMRA has been notified and is checking that the ACV procedure has been adhered to, and will obviously oppose planning permission being granted in this instance.

Trademarks: the number of trademarks registered for beer in the UK hit a record high in 2018 jumping 6% to 2,519. Registered trademarks have almost doubled in the last 5 years rising 89% from 1,331 in 2013. Brewdog now has over 130 of them!

Backyard Brewery: off –sales doing well – Walsall deliveries are on Wednesdays, fortnightly. 07591 923370 or 01543 360 145

AJ’s : Off sales again doing well. Check by phone before turning up. 07860 585911

Beowulf : Selling bottles as usual. Check by phone before turning up. 01543 454 067

We hope to see you all fit and healthy at the end of ‘Covid 19 special measures’, so keep on doing what you have been doing so far – it’s obviously working, we haven’t lost a member yet! Keep safe! Keep sane! Keep smiling !

And Finally :  Apparently, running away from the Police is not part of ‘Social Distancing’.

Summer Newsletter 2020 continued

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