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Dates for your Diary: Stourbridge Beerfest, 11th - 13th May; Barrow Hill Roundhouse  Beerfest, Chesterfield, 18th-20th May; Bridgnorth Beerfest, 27th-29th May; Aston Manor Cricket Club Beerfest, 1st-4th June;  Black Country Day 14thJuly; GBBF 9th-11th August; Brum Beer Bash 17th-19th Aug; Thornbridge ‘Peakender’ Beerfest, Bakewell  20th Aug.

And finally:
 A white horse walks into a bar and orders a whisky, the barman says, “What a coincidence – I have a whisky here the same name as you !” The horse says,  “What…  Eric ?”.

Backyard Brewery continue to open their ‘Brewery Tap’ on Fridays between 1pm and 8pm, with the shop open 9-5pm, and the Saturday bar may return in July. Backyard ‘Gold’ is on the shelves at Morrisons in the West Midland region, and the brewery are selling ‘East India’ 6.3%, at £25 per case of 12. Two new beers are out now; a mild called ‘1898’ 4.9%, full bodied, chocolate & roast malts, sweet fruit. ‘Stranger Gods’ 4.0%, light hopped pale ale, sweet fragrant on the nose, citrus with hint of elderflower.

Beowulf: Phil Bennett celebrates 20 years of brewing this year, and has said that he is planning an event yet to be announced. Otherwise, its business as usual.

AJ’s in Long Acre St. reports that some of his beers have had to be changed slightly due to high demand for the most popular hops, which are now impossible to get. The good news is that Australian hops are available for the ‘SPA’ 4.2% for the next 10 months, and Andy is introducing a new session pale ale called ‘Dukey’s Delight’ 4.1%. The ‘Black Jack’ mild 3.6% will be available for “Mild in May” and he is planning another open-day in the summer (date to be confirmed).

Summer Newsletter 2017 continued

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