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Dates for your Diary:  Kidderminster Beerfest ;  17-19th May.  Barrow Hill Roundhouse  Beerfest; Chesterfield, 18 -20th May;  Bridgnorth Beerfest; 27 -29th May. Aston Manor Cricket Club Beerfest; 31st May – 3rd June. Wolverhampton Beerfest: 7-9th June.  Black Country Day 14thJuly; Shrewsbury Beerfest; 18th-21st July. GBBF; 9th-11th August.  

And finally:  Aynuk and Ayli are on guard duty in a First World War trench, when Aynuk turns to Ayli and says,” Yow remember when  Captain Logbasket said he would pay us ten bob fer evry Hun prisoner we captured?”.  “Ar! Ten bob each e said.” Replied  Ayli. With a sly look, Aynuk  says,     “Doh tell anyone else, but there’s twenty thousand quid coming over no-man’s land!”

Elsie Mo goes PC: Castle Rock has rebranded one of its oldest beers in response to the debate on sexism in the brewing industry. Their original beer was called ‘LCMO’ (low colour maris otter) and is now their second biggest seller behind ‘Harvest Pale’. It originally sported a drawing of a blonde pin-up, then she had a boob job in 2007, and the stocking and suspenders appeared in 2014 inspired by the artwork on the fuselage of American bombers in WW2. Now Elsie is portrayed as the pilot of the plane, inspired by the many female ferry pilots who delivered the fighters and bombers to the squadrons (like Amy Johnson).

Fancy a home brew shed?  Tiger Sheds and Northern Monk Brew from Holbeck in Leeds, have teamed up to bring you a brewery shed. This shed contains a Grainfather 30L Connect brewing system as well as a bar-style hatch, internal shelving, heavy duty solid framing and 16mm pressure treated boards. The only drawback is it costs an eye watering  £3749.99
The old Buckleys Brewery in Llanelli, which has been lying empty for 20 years , has a planning application on it from Pobl Housing Association. They want to turn the maltings and barley store into 20 apartments and 6 townhouses with a riverside walkway to enhance the area. So that’s all right then ?

Justin Hawke who founded Bristol’s ‘Moor Beer’ has been awarded the Brewer of the Year accolade by the British Guild of Beer Writers. He said ,”That’s unfine by me!”.

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