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Autumn Newsletter 2018

The next FoHB Social will be held at the ‘Bloxwich Showman’, Bloxwich, on the13th August, starting at 7.30pm as usual. We shall have a quiz; and Dave will have the 50p vouchers to give out – bring your membership card in case he wants to see it. The social after that will be held on 10th September at the ‘Royal Oak’, Newton St. West Bromwich; a change of venue because the Old Hop Pole has changed hands and is not as good anymore. Only the best will do for our members!

We had a good turnout for the Liverpool trip, and the ‘Big Bog Brewery of course. The onboard raffle raised £93 and apart from a serious road delay the trip went without a hitch. Bill Johnson won the 2  tickets for the ‘Peaky Blinders Ball’ kindly donated by Dan, but offered them back for auction on the coach – which raised a further £30. No donation was made to any Manchester charity on this occasion but the fire-fighters presented Paul with a fire-fighters t-shirt and FoHB presented him with a ‘Highgate Horsebrass’ for the brewery. All the profits on this trip will go into our charity fund to be donated to charities later on.

The next ‘awayday’ will be a trip to Chorley, Lancs, on Saturday 8th September, just south of Preston on the M61 – a town where the pubs are all close together and there’s a lot of them to choose from. If past visits are anything to go by, you’re in for a treat. There is no brewery visit on this one as that would just distract from the ale tasting round the pubs. Price £16 as usual – pay Dan at the August social or let me have your name to put on the list.

Dawkins Brewery trip - A visit to Dawkins Brewery in Bristol has been arranged for Saturday 20th October. The idea is that after the brewery tour and beer tasting we will be at liberty in Bristol to continue beer tasting. Price will be £16 but more details and booking at the next social at Bloxwich Showman.

 Robinsons of Stockport have discontinued their ‘Dizzy Blonde’ because apparently it’s sexist to call blondes dizzy and have a pump clip sporting a 40’s pin-up wearing a swimsuit, according to the ‘Me Too’ campaign on social media. Do they think that limiting our choice of beer is going to make up for the thousands of women in our ‘ethnically diverse’ population, who are told what to wear, what to think and what to do by men?

I am often asked the question,  “What is the difference between  ‘Cask’ beer and ‘Craft’ beer?”       Well as far as I can tell, it’s about £2 a pint !!

“A day will come when you France, you Russia, you Italy, you England, You Germany, you all, nations of the continent, without losing your distinct qualities and your glorious individuality, will be merged closely within a superior unit and you will form the European Brotherhood.”                                     Victor Hugo  -  Paris Peace Conference, 1849

 After selling its brewery and brands to Marston’s for £55 million, pub operator Charles Wells plans to build a 30,000hl brewery and visitor centre at Fairhill on the outskirts of Bedford. The new site is able to tap into the same brewing liquor aquifer used since 1902.

Brewery News:

Backyard Brewery – They have a new brewer now, and 2 new brews – ‘Citra IPA’ 5% and ‘Project Beach Ball’ 4.7% (partner beer to ‘Project Snowball’ from Winter). Also ‘Canicule’, ginger infused, and ‘State of Flux’ 4.5%, different hops in each brew. The brewery tap still open on Fridays.

Beowulf  - The usual ‘summery’ beers: ‘Wergild’ 4.3% and ‘Gold Work’ 5.1% available, but to buy bottles from the brewery call 01543 454067 first.

AJ’s  - Popular beers ‘Route 66’ 6.6%, pale ale’ and ‘Lets get Kane-d’, summer refresher, both available in some pubs. IPA is now available in bottles, and Andy might have another open-day in October.

Dates for your Diary:. Cannock Beer Festival : 20st-22rd Sept. Walsall CAMRA AGM, ‘Pretty Bricks’ : 1st Oct. Tamworth Beer Festival: 6th-8th Oct. Bristol Beer Week:13-20th Oct. Great Western Beerfest : 8th-11th Nov. Dudley Beer Festival : 29rd Nov – 1st Dec.

And finally, Aynuk and Ayli are sitting on Bondi beach in Australia watching a surfer. “Whats that bloke doen standin on a plonk?” asks Ayli. “That ay a plonk, it’s a surfboard” says Aynuk.  Just then a giant wave knocks the surfer off the board and deposits him in a heap on the beach in front of them. “Well it doh look very serf to me.” Says Ayli.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the Friends of Highgate Brewery committee or members. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information printed here is accurate and up to date, no responsibility for errors or omissions is accepted.


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