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Winter Newsletter 2020

The next FoHB social will be held as soon as Government restrictions allow, and the committee are completely satisfied that it is safe to do so. This means that unfortunately it will be well into next year sometime, depending on the efficacy of vaccinations around the world. To go on the waiting list for Mars, contact NASA, Houston, USA, but to go on one of our trips in 2021, watch this space!   Dan is keen to book a coach to somewhere (anywhere) as soon as restrictions allow.

Obituary: Sadly, our friend and benefactor Ken Towe, of the Lyndon House Hotel
passed away on Friday 20th November from a Covid related illness. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to his wife Maggie, and to the wider family.

Barrel names: ‘Firkin’ from the Dutch ‘vierdekijn’ meaning ‘fourth’ as it’s a quarter of a barrel in volume (9 galls). You might be forgiven for thinking that it therefore contains 72 pints, but according to Wikipedia, it only contains ‘66 consumable pints’ – the rest is sediment, finings, *beer stone, hops, protein and ullage (pre-service and pre-cleaning wastage). Duty is paid only on beer that can be sold, so they must pay duty on 66 pints per firkin – so that ‘last pint out after stooping’ should be a bit cheaper surely ?  

**  Pub Quiz poser:   Which artist was called Little Barrel ?

Those canny Scots have voted to bring in a 20p deposit return scheme (DRS) for single use drinks containers from 500ml to 3 Litres. The deposit can be redeemed when the container is returned to the retailer, over the counter, or by using a reverse vending machine. The industry will pay a 6p admin charge as well, but who will pay for all the busted-open reverse vending machines is at yet unclear. Implementation date has been delayed till 2022 due to you know what !

Bet you missed it? International Beer Day was on August 7th, the first Friday in the month. This annual event was created in 2008 “as a Global celebration of beer, taking place in pubs, breweries and backyards all over the world. It’s a day for beer lovers to raise a toast to our brewers and rejoice in the greatness of beer.”

Beer to get calorie labels: those people from the land of steady habits have gone on an anti-obesity drive with all guns blazing on what else, but beer ? Soon calorie labels will have to be sported on alcoholic drinks, restaurant meals and takeaways, because research shows 80% of the public do not know that there are 180 calories in a pint of lager. They say drinking 5 pints a week is equivalent to eating 221 doughnuts a year. Don’t tell Homer Simpson – Doh !

If you are wondering where my source of Brewery articles comes from, the answer is that I get most of them from The  Brewery History Society newsletter; which is edited by Roger Putnam, an author of renown who does not mind if I nick his well-researched work. He and BHS Chairman Jeff Sechiari visited Highgate Brewery about 14 years ago and became members  of FoHB for a year. …..continued

Winter Newsletter Part 2

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