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Spring 2021 continued…

Spring Newsletter 2021

The next FoHB Social will be arranged as soon as pandemic restrictions permit. We have to have a General Meeting to elect the committee and donate cheques to charity, so it will be probably be our first meeting and held at the Lyndon House Hotel, possibly July when restrictions cease, but everyone will be informed nearer the time. We hope to publish a new 'What's Going On' list of venues too as soon as the committee can get together again.

The committee have agreed to stay in post until we can have an Extraordinary General Meeting to decide the future, and most will seek re-election, but we still need a secretary to volunteer to take the minutes at committee meetings. Dan the Social man is raring to go and organise something, again July if possible but more details will emerge as time goes on. Vaccine passports may be required but we don’t know for sure yet.

Subs: on the subject of renewals, my thanks to all those of you who have taken the time and trouble to renew their memberships. Its nice to know that we can still exist as a group even though we haven't met up for a year. Those wishing to renew for 2021 can send me a cheque (payable to Friends of Highgate Brewery) or transfer the funds via internet banking directly to my account (details below) but please let me know by phone who it is, and I will post your membership cards to you.

Ken Towe's funeral was held at St Marys The Mount, Walsall on December 11th. Due to the Covid restrictions only a few people were allowed inside, but over 300 stood outside  to pay their respects. “I’ve never seen Glebe St. so full,” said Bill (Bronco) Lane, “there were the great and the good of Walsall, many ordinary working folk, and a few habitual drunkards.” I think Ken would have appreciated that.

Guinness owners  Diageo,  after  4  years of  development,  launched  its first  non-alcoholic  stout

 'Guinness 0.0%' at the end of October; but 2 weeks later had to recall it all due to mould contamination. Perhaps the slogan “Guinness grows on you !” would be unwise.

CAMRA has come under fire for the design of its 2020 glasses as the limited edition glasses were printed with the images of coronavirus cells. Branded as dim-witted and insensitive we are told hundreds of CAMRA members are planning to withhold their subscriptions. The GBBF was virtual this year, as was the GBBF (Winter), and the next thing will be the issue (or non-issue) of their newspaper 'What's Brewing', which is going digital later this year, much against the members wishes.

Scottish island brewery Arran has purchased Lancashire based cask beer distributor 'Flying Firkin' from the company’s previous majority shareholder SIBA Commercial Services Ltd. following a competitive tender process.