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Feedback & Fun

We would like to know more about your views. This page will be used to ask your views on a variety of things. Your responses will be received and collated by the FoHB webmaster and, for privacy reasons, your details will not be passed on to anyone else.

The Polls or questions and quizzes (Yes, Quizzes) will only be online for a set period so please check back regularly for another question or a summary of the previous one.

No prizes I am afraid but I might award ‘Kudos Points’ based on the number of different polls, etc. submitted by individual Members of FoHB throughout the year. I’m afraid that there will be no Kudos points awarded to non-members but there is nothing stopping you entering.

Kudos Points: An award which gives praise and honour but no physical reward. Basically the quizzes are for fun but the person with the most Kudos Points by the AGM will at least be presented with a Kudos Certificate.

Feedback Form = 1 Kudos point
Quizzes = 5 Kudos points

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Form 2: Favourite Beer

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