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Winter Newsletter 2019 continued

Diary dates:  Dudley Beerfest 28th-30th Nov.  AJ’s Open Day 30th Nov. AJ’s Christmas Open Day 21st Dec. Manchester Beerfest 22nd-25th Jan 2020. Great British Beerfest Winter 4th-8th Feb 2020 (New Bingley Hall, Birmingham)

Membership Renewals: All memberships will need to be renewed at the New Year, but why wait till then? Just tell me which meeting you intend to renew and I will bring in the paperwork and issue your new membership card straight away.

And Finally: In a cold and dark part of the country was a cold and dark forest, in the cold and dark forest was a cold and dark clearing, in the cold and dark clearing was a cold and dark house, and in this cold and dark house was a cold and dark room, and in the cold and dark room was a cold and dark man shouting, “ I told you not to plug in those bloody Christmas lights till they had been checked out!”

Merry Christmas everybody !


Winter Newsletter Part 1

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