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*- Shenanigans.  1. Frolicking 2.  the act of playing tricks 3.  quiz & raffle.

** Lunar Brewing Co. (slogan: Our beers are out of this World.) They are noted for their low gravity beer, but have had disappointing results from their pub-chain recently. Tripadvisor surveys indicate that their pubs seem to lack atmosphere.

Spring Newsletter 2018 continued

Diary dates:   2nd-3rd March – Coventry Beer Festival.     12th March – FoHB Social, Black Country Arms, Walsall.    22nd-24th March – Burton CAMRA Beer Festival.     9th April – FoHB Social, ‘The Fountain’, Lower Forster St. Walsall.    20th-22nd April CAMRA AGM Coventry.     14th May – FoHB social, Bartons Arms, Newtown.     31st May- 3rd June Aston Manor Cricket Club beer festival.

Well Goodness Gracious Me”…. The boss of Kingfisher beer in Europe is concerned about fewer people enjoying his beers with a curry, and wants to launch an Indian Pale Ale to compliment the growing range of global brews it sells, in a bid to appeal to a younger audience. It already has deals to import Indonesia’s ‘Bintang’, China’s ‘Pearl River’, as well as Sri Lanka’s biggest brand ‘Lion’. “Nobody should be able to do an Indian Pale Ale better than us”, he said. Back in the real world, considerably better IPA’s are being brewed in the USA, Belgium, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Norway, Argentina, Russia, Timbuktoo, the Moon….**

Shale Ale anyone?  Kangaroo Island brewery in Australia (where else?) is making a virtue of filtering beer through 500 million year old Cambrian era rocks to produce Shale Ale. Perhaps overlooking the fact that a lot of breweries filter through diatomaceous earth, but that’s only about 15 million years old.      

German barman Oliver Strumpfel  set a Guinness world record when he carried 29 steins weighing 50kg a distance of 40m without spilling more than a few drops. A thirsty drinker said,” Ach, he iz nicht zo gut, he forgotten meiner pork schkrachings!”

And Finally:  Aynuk asks “What’s the difference between a Buffalo on a Bison?” Ayli replies, “I doh know.”  Aynuk says, “Yow cor wesh yer onds in a Buffalo.”

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