Friends of Highgate Brewery

This web site updated  11th January 2017

Welcome to the Home Page of  the Friends of Highgate Brewery

 The brewery was bought out from Bass Brewers by a management team led by Steve Nuttall and Neil Bain,on 25th October 1995.Many changes have taken place since, and Steve and Neil are no longer with Highgate. Empire Star, a Smethwick based development company, have bought the brewery, and promised to invest much needed capital to continue brewing here, and supply their estate of 100 pubs.They have decided that the brewery is un-sustainable in it’s present condition, and have closed it down. All Highgate and Davenports beers are currently being brewed under contract by Blue Bear Brewery,Smethwick, and the company no longer maintains a dialogue with us.

We see the potential loss of our Walsall brewing heritage if the site is demolished and  continue a watching brief, working  closely with Walsall Civic Society and CAMRA to oppose any redevelopment of the Sandymount site.